Killer clown strikes again

Hope Anderson, [email protected]

Luckily, for my fellow horror movie enthusiasts, recently the sequel to the 2017 remake of “IT” has released in theaters. After thoroughly enjoying “IT” in 2017, I had to see if “IT Chapter Two” lived up to its predecessor’s potential. In short—pun aside—“IT” did.

“IT Chapter Two” provided the audience with the same excitement, dark humor and scare tactics as the prequel, if not more.

Filled with the usual jump scares and gore, viewers will not be disappointed. Sometimes, horror movies fail to give their characters enough substance which leaves the audience caring less about the fate of the characters. But this is not the case with “IT Chapter Two.”

The characters are well-developed and grow nicely from their younger selves seen in the prequel into their adult counterparts. As we all know, nothing is perfect. One could rave about how wonderful this movie was, but a serious flaw can’t be ignored- the movie’s runtime is two hours and 50 minutes.

In most cases, the key to a successful scary movie is balancing a perfect runtime with scary scenes and a dramatic, but believable ending.

The screen writer doesn’t want to make the movie so short that half the plot is missing or the ending that appears sloppy.

But he also doesn’t want to make the movie so long that it appears unnecessarily drawn out and causes viewers to lose interest.

As you can imagine, with the “IT Chapter Two” runtime, this movie had me gradually growing restless and irritated with the pace of the film. Needless to say, I had the urge to scream in a packed movie theater for the film to “wrap it up already.”

Some scenes could have been deleted or shortened which would keep the movie’s plot perfectly intact and the audience fully awake. Because of the drawn out screen time, I have to subtract a full point from the movie’s five star rating a total of four stars.

But as previously stated, the jump scares, humor and well-developed characters allow for the film to keep the final four rating perfectly “afloat”- pun intended. “IT Chapter Two” is a go-see movie— if, and only if, you take a quick nap prior.