Ark-La-Miss Fair: Fun time for everyone


It’s that time of the year again- time for carnival rides, food, live music and smiles everywhere you look. Ark-La-Miss Fair will bring the fun to the Monroe community from Friday, Sept. 20, to Sunday, Sept. 29.

Everyone loves the fair and all of the attractions it brings to the small town of Monroe. This event is a great way to bring the community together.

“They have the fair every year to bring all types of people together in one place for lots of fun and rides. I loved going when I was younger, every year I was there and I plan on going back,” said Rylee Bennett, a senior psychology major. 

There are funnel cakes, corn dogs and burgers galore.

Everywhere you turn, there are families smiling while eating their carnival food and waiting in line for the rides.

Rides of all sizes and people of all ages enjoy the fun. There is something for everyone to do at the Ark-La-Miss Fair.

The fair has the perfect rides for kids such as the caterpillar ride and the mini car ride. Children get on the rides and all you see is excitment. Now, if you turn to the scarier rides you will see people with fear in their eyes but still having fun. Of course, the fair has the typical rides such as the swings and carousel.

Even if you are not a carnival ride lover and would rather look around at the different booths and vendors, there are a ton to choose from. There is a petting zoo behind the Civic Center where the fair is held.

The petting zoo is perfect for the little ones who cannot always ride the rides. There is also live music

every night.

“Growing up I loved the fair and rides, although the lines are sometimes long, the experience is definitely worth it. I actually went to the fair the first night the gates opened and it was still as fun as it was when I was just a kid running around with a corndog in one hand and a stuffed animal I won on a game in the other hand,” said Gabriel Menez, a sophomore business major.