Students scavenger hunt through campus

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Students scavenger hunt through campus

Nishma Gautam, [email protected]

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ULM promoted National Hazing Prevention Week and the office of Student Life and Leadership sponsored various events around campus to remind students of the importance of preventing hazing.
One of the events throughout the week that had the biggest turnout was “Donut Haze.” This event took place in the SUB overhang and students recieved free donuts and hazing prevention buttons.
Students enjoyed stopping by before classes to pick up quick breakfast, but it was also very beneficial for them to talk about hazing prevention week while there.
Ojashbi Ghimire, a sophomore mathematics and risk management major said, “The whole prevention campaign and idea is making people more aware. It’s saving lives after all.”
The office of SLL also hosted another event for hazing prevention week, the Instagram Scavenger Hunt that took place all week.
Students were asked to follow the office’s Instagram page and look for their daily hints they posted. Each hint led students to a particular destination on campus.
At that particular place on campus, there was a clue. Students had to take a picture with the clue and post it in their story and tag @ulmstudentlifeandleadership.
This provided a fun game and a little distraction from the stress of exams and assignments for students.
According to ULM Student Life and Leadership, “Melanie Johnson was the only one who played along all week by tag-ging us in the photos of each landmark and the only one to get every one of them right in their stories. She was the win-ner of this fun and exciting game and won a lot of ULM goodies.”
Melanie Johnson, freshman pre-dental hygiene major, was proud to win the scavenger hunt and said, “I loved the scavenger hunt because it just gave me a little fun activity to do every day to kind of remind me that college doesn’t have to be all so stressful.”