Handprints against hazing


Hazing is a serious issue that many campuses around the world deal with. The ULM family, however, is working hard to prevent hazing on our campus.
The Student Life and Leadership supported the National Hazing Prevention Week by hosting various giveaways and events to shine the light on hazing awareness.
Each day the campus provided different handouts for students as they were walking through campus to class.
The new organization on campus, the Ambitious Women Society, created a board for students to paint their handprints on to prove they are pledging against hazing on campus.
Mr. ULM, Blake Stone, proudly painted his handprint on the colorful board. He is passionate about the cause and said, “I feel like this is very important because of recent events. There has been a lot of tragedies and a lot of lives lost over craziness and basically stupidity.”
Students also got a marker to sign their names by their handprint so students can see everyone who supports the cause.
This board was a fun, great way to showcase student’s support for hazing prevention.
Other organizations such as Tau Omicron Chi hosted various give outs around campus to remind students about hazing. The Toxicology organization hosted the give out, “Hazing is Toxic,” where they handed out candy and talked to students.
Vannah Boyte, member of the organization said, “Hazing prevention is very important to all organizations because studies have shown the various negative effects of hazing on the mental and physical health of individuals.”
The Wesley Foundationalso provided waters and “These Hands Don’t Haze” bracelets along with Student Life’s giveaway, “Be Cool- Don’t Haze,” where they handed out popsicles and hazing prevention buttons.
The foundation also hosted a water and koozie pass out which gave them another opportunity to talk to other students about prevention.
Although the giveaways are only a glimpse into what the campus is doing to support National Hazing Prevention Week, it reminds students about how important this issue is.
“Hazing is an important thing to talk about because it isn’t always what we see in the movies, it can be as simple as making a new member of an organization do something they find morally wrong,” said Katherine Irving, a senior political science major.
These events are important on campus and it will open student’s eyes to the importance of preventing hazing.