Water Ski team deserves respect from student body


We’ve heard it too many times over the years. “I don’t support our teams because they never win.” Okay. What if I told you there’s a team on campus that does nothing but win? Oh wait, you still won’t support them. Hear me out though because it’s time we begin paying attention to our water ski team.
The university’s water ski team competes in the National Collegiate Water Ski Association. The organization has a national championship tournament they do every fall to determine who’s the best team in the country.
There are 40 they’ve hosted; ULM has won 29. We’re not only the “best on the bayou,” we’re the best in any body of water and you can take that to the bank.
There is no other team with a history of success nationally than the ULM Water Ski team. Over 70 percent of the national championships have been brought back to the bayou.
You might say that the “big” schools don’t compete against us, but that’s a lie. Schools like LSU, Florida State and Michigan State are all among the teams our water ski team beats every year.
If school pride and a winning dynasty isn’t enough to convince you, then do it for your fellow students. Most, if not all, of them are international students from eastern Europe.
If you catch them and President Nick Bruno in a room, you’re in for a show. The ULM president likes to show off the talent in the room. He’ll ask them to raise their hand if they’ve won a national championship. After a few hands go up he’ll ask who’s won two, then three. Come October some of the team might be able to say they’ve won four national championships.
Whether it be to support your friends, the university or see a winning dynasty in action, you have to support the water ski team. In October, the team will be competing for their 30th national championship. Although they will be out of town, supporters can still watch the event from the NCWSA’s Facebook page. And remember next time you complain about a ULM team not winning, you better “put some respect” on the water ski team.