Moodle Outage creates unforeseen problems


Some students had to start their Saturday morning in panic as the Moodle website suffered from a technical issue.
The website was not showing any classes that the students were enrolled in.
The problem was brought to attention after multiple students posted on the Facebook group Student to Student at ULM, reporting a similar issue.
The ULM information technology department became aware of the situation shortly and notified students that they were dealing with the issue.
The department sent emails to students claiming to have resolved the situation with the help of its hosting partner, eThink.
Despite the ULM IT department’s effort, not all the students were able to access their classes on Moodle, even after the changes.
Moodle is the sole platform used by professors and instructors at ULM for assigning homework and projects. it is also used for class preparation.
Students use it to access course material, submit assignments and look up class schedules. They will be unable to submit assignments and prepare for classes if Moodle is inaccessible.