Should President Trump be impeached?

Sydney Curtis, [email protected]


Donald Trump’s presidency has always caused controversy even before he was officially president. Now, the Republicans and Democrats still butt heads, and the situation has reached its peak.
Everyone is questioning whether Donald Trump should be impeached or not. In my opinion, he should be impeached.
Before I go on, I think it’s important that everyone knows that impeach means to charge someone with misconduct. Impeach does not mean to kick out of office. Kicking someone out of office is a whole other cycle. President Donald Trump tried to bargain with Ukraine to get dirt on Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.
He wanted to trade the information that Ukraine had on the Biden for a trade deal with Ukraine. The reason this calls for impeachment is this: if we as Americans let this slide, then when will it stop?
If the president of the United States is using our trade deals for his own personal gain, what else will he do with this power? In retrospect, what Donald Trump did was not that bad, but it can only lead to even more misuse of his power.
A president must learn how to keep his personal business out of our nation’s business. I know that many people say this is not a big deal or that there is no reason to impeach a president.
The fact of the matter is Donald Trump used his power on an important trade deal to get slimy information. That is the definition of misconduct.
President Donald Trump said, from a poll on his twitter, that about 98 percent of Americans stand with him on the impeachment situation. That statistic is hard to believe when just on Dec. 28, 2018, Harvard did a study that showed around 60 percent of Americans think Trump should be impeached or formally censured for campaign finance and other violations.
Citizens of America were already worried about how Donald Trump was handling certain situations. The citizens were right to worry too.
These statistics show that Donald Trump is not trusted by Americans. Donald Trump crossed a boundary he should have never crossed. As Americans, we cannot let this one thing slide.
He crossed a boundary and maybe it isn’t the end of the world, but we must set the boundary and have consequences for when they are broken.
Of course, there are rumors that the White House tried to cover up the phone call for Donald Trump. There are lots of things being said on both sides.
We know for sure he made the phone call, and that Donald Trump used his power to dig up dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden. I do not think this is something that should get him kicked out of office.
I do believe this is the very definition of why someone should be impeached. Once a president steps over that personal boundary, they will not stop. It will only keep getting worse from here.