Should President Trump be impeached?


Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images


Before I get started on this opinion, I want to make something clear. I am in no way, a supporter of President Trump. I don’t plan on voting for him this next election and I don’t agree with everything he has done while in presidency. With that being said, there is no reason for Trump to be impeached.
Just for a little context, politician Nancy Pelosi endorsed to impeach Trump because Trump pressured the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden. Impeachment is the action of calling into question the integrity or validity of something.
It can also mean a charge of misconduct made against the holder of a public office. Impeachment is not kicking someone out of office. But impeachment can lead to kicking someone out of the office.
According to Politico, as of right now, no president has been removed from office by impeachment. So, you are probably wondering, “If Trump won’t be removed from office by impeachment, then why do you care so much if he is or isn’t impeached?”
Because to me, it’s a waste of time.
Let me explain why it’s a waste of time by sharing how the impeachment process actually works. So, the impeachment always starts in the House where they investigate and write articles of impeachment, according to AJC.
Once this is complete, a majority vote, 218-435, is needed to impeach. If the impeachment in House goes through, the Senate then holds a trial and a two-third majority vote is required for a person to be impeached.
From past experiences for presidential impeachments, this process can take up to two months or more. During these two months or longer, other important issues like taxes, trade issues, economic recovery and retirement security could be decided.
By using this time to impeach Trump, we are not solving issues to other problems. But let’s say the impeachment process did continue. I don’t think his impeachment would go through. Yes, the House would most likely send it to the Senate. But once it got to the Senate, it would get shutdown or at least come to a standstill.
Currently there are 53 Republicans, 45 Democrats and two Independents in the Senate, according to the United State Senate website. The Senate must have 67 voters against Trump for him to be impeached.
I think most Republicans would take his side and Democrats would vote against him. Either way, you are stuck with a 50/50 vote rather than a majority vote. And no matter what argument each side presents, neither side is going to change their mind.
On top of that, most people know that what Trump did was wrong. I know it’s wrong, you know it’s wrong, everyone knows it’s wrong.
With that being said, if we all know that what he did was wrong, then we should decide Trump’s fate. Rather than impeach Trump, let the 2020 election share the voters’ viewpoint.
If citizens are that upset about what Trump did, then don’t re-elect him. It is as simple as that. So let’s not waste time fighting over whether what Trump did was wrong or not. Make your viewpoint clear at the 2020 election.