Art students make impact in veterans’ life with painting


ULM Hawkeye

In the summer, Stephanie Cogburn, Caitlin Lewis and Angelica Luttrull started sharing their skills and talents by volunteering to teach art classes at the Northeast Louisiana War Veterans Home.
These three artists and students of ULM are creating new layers in the lives of elderly men via painting. The young women have never known war, the men are bound by it.
Dr. Joni Noble, professor of art at ULM, is faculty adviser to these students. Noble’s father is one of the residents of the veteran’s home. Her connection with the veteran’s home is what led to the classes.
Noble was asked by the administration there if the ULM art program could do anything to help out.
Heather Wyatt, the assistant director of recreation at the veterans home, said the art classes are one of the best activities there. It is popular among the residents.
Around 15 residents participate in “Painting with a Snack.” Each veteran has a canvas and before starting the students give an overview of what they will be working on that day. It could be technique, style or interpretation. For October, the subject is pumpkins.
When the paintings are complete, the canvases are hung in the veterans’ rooms or given to their families.
As a result of these initiatives, the students have received a valuable opportunity to bond with the elderly and make an impact in their community.