Does Student-to-Student page create change?



Student-to-Student at ULM is a great page on Facebook to ask questions about classes, promote events your organization is hosting, share images of lost items that have been found and even share funny memes that all students can relate to.
What Student-to-Student was not meant for is to complain about things that should be reported and expect change to occur from your post.
Recently, many students have reported incidents of their food experience at the cafeteria of others speeding or texting and driving on campus and incidents of potential hazing.
While it’s great to make others aware of what’s going on, this Facebook page should not be your first option to make a complaint.
Take for example, the texting and driving incident. A student complained about how she felt unsafe walking across the road because of other students speeding or texting while driving.
It’s good to make others aware of the potential dangers crossing the road. But if you are wanting a real change to happen, then you need to go report it to the police.
Now, I understand at times it may be hard to figure out where to go or who to tell the incident to.
That seemed to be the case with most people who found moldy bread or pieces of hair in their food at the cafeteria. Many students had no idea where to report the incidents they experienced.
But with just a little research and the ULM’s directory, you can easily find who to contact.
Not only can you find who to contact, you can find their phone number, name and even where they are located on campus.
With potential hazing incidents, you can report this to University Police Department. If you feel that you or someone you know is in danger, then contact the police.
Even if it is just an assumption, it is better to be safe than sorry. Use the UPD’s motto- if you see something, say something.
So, what can you do to reduce the use of Student-to-Student’s Facebook page for reporting incidents?
First off, decide if this is just a rant or something you think should be made known to the authorities.
If it’s just a rant to make others aware, make that clear. If you actually want something done, move on to the next step- report it.
When you report an incident you think is harmful to you and to others, you are helping everyone on campus. You are sharing with your fellow students, you’re sharing with those in charge and you’re making everyone feel safe and comfortable.
Maybe you don’t know where to report it. All you have to do is ask. Someone is going to help you find out where to report your incident. Ask your friends, fellow classmates, professors, staff, police, student government association or anyone you can think of.
Eventually, you’ll find someone who can help you and you’ll be able to report it the right way and not just on a Facebook page.
So, keep making others aware of what’s happening on campus. But if you think it’s something serious, actually go report it to someone who can make the change.