Natural history museum to host visiting professor


ULM Hawkeye

In celebration of Archeology Month, the ULM Museum of Natural History is hosting environmental archaeologist Evan Peacock, Ph.D. He will present the seminar “One Shell of an Idea” at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 22, in the orientation room of the museum on the first floor of Hanna Hall.
During his career, Peacock has found and recorded more than 1,000 archeological sites. Among the locations of his many excavations is Poverty Point World Heritage Site. Dianna Greenlee, Ph.D., ULM adjunct professor of geosciences and station archaeologist at Poverty Point, arranged for his visit.
Peacock is professor emeritus with the Department of Anthropology & Middle Eastern Cultures at Mississippi State University. His interest in archaeology sparked as an undergraduate at MSU. He earned a master of science with distinction in environmental archaeology and palaeoeconomy and a Ph.D. in archaeology from the University of Sheffield, England.
In “One Shell of an Idea” Peacock will discuss his method of analyzing the chemical contents of shell-tempered pottery to trace its origin. Peacock will discuss the project’s development and current results from shell analyses.
Peacock’s research interests are centered on long-term human/nature interactions, including documenting and quantifying the prehistoric human environmental impact.