Creative costume ideas for Halloween new swag to bayou


Tired of the same old Halloween costume ideas like witches, devils and overused movie and tv characters? Here’s a few creative ideas to liven up your costume party.
1. “Smarties Pants”
For those who are procrastinators, a creative costume idea is “smartie pants.” This is easy to do. All you need is some Smarties candies and glue dots. Put the glue dots on the Smarties and then stick them on your jeans. You can make it 10 minutes before your party and you’ll have candy to eat later on.
2. Rock, Paper, Scissors
If you are wanting to do a group costume, one idea is rock, paper and scissors. These costumes are online and the prices range between $25- 40. If you decide you want to make this, there are different tutorials online on how to make it and what materials are needed. You could even start a game of rock, paper, scissors with your friends using yourselves as the game pieces.
3. Shark Attack
If you are going with your significant other or a best friend, you could do a shark attack costume. One person dresses up as a shark. All you would need for this is red, black, grey and white foam boards to cut out the mouth, teeth, fin and gills, and a grey t-shirt.
For the other person, you could dress up as the person being attacked. All you would need is a white shirt, red paint and a white bandage cloth to make it look like your arm got bit off.

4. “It’s Raining Men”
For those who are all into puns, a creative idea is to make it “rain men.” This is also another easy idea. All you need is cutout pictures of your favorite men, some clear string and an umbrella. Punch a hole in the top of your men’s heads and then tie the string to it. Once you have done this, tie the string to the umbrella. BOOM, you are done. You’ll be surrounded by men all night.
5. Party Animals
Another fun idea for a group costume is party animals. This idea is simple. All you need is party clothes, like a suit or a dress, and animal ears. You can do a rabbit, a deer, a cat or any animal you can think of. Just add some whiskers, a nose and a glass of champagne to complete this look.