Time to ‘double tap’ on Zombieland 2


Time to take a “double tap” into the world of Zombieland. Or better known as the recently released “Zombieland: Double Tap.”
If you saw the first Zombieland movie, all your favorite characters are back and better than ever.
Compared to the first Zombieland, the main characters Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock all remain the same except they are older.
Wichita and Little Rock are still fierce and independent, but desire to have a family underneath all their roughness. Tallahassee remains the father figure over everyone and still has his humorous personality. And Columbus stays put to his rules and is still in search of his forever home.
While these characters remain the same, what doesn’t remain the same is the journey they go on, the people they meet and even the zombies they kill.
Still in search of that forever home, they journey all across America to places like the White House, Graceland and eventually a place called, “Babylon.”On this journey, they meet new characters who seem to mirror how they act and what they like. With the new characters, this spices up the movie and makes it different from the first Zombieland.
While these new characters do seem to mirror the main characters, each character still has its own character which is a breath of fresh air for those worried about the movie being the same.
Since we are on the topic of zombies, the zombies aren’t your typical zombies. Compared to the first movie, the zombies have developed and evolved into something greater than any of the main characters could expect.
Another feature to this movie is the overall family feel to it. They all continuously fight, love one another, pick on one another and comfort each other just like a family would.
Even though they are all from different places and aren’t blood related, you can see the love and care each character has for every person in the family.
Pay attention to small details in the movie because they will be magnified during later parts. Until after the movie, I didn’t realize how things all fit together like a puzzle piece.
Also, stay for the end credits. There is a special surprise you will want to see before bolting out to use the restroom.
Overall, “Zombieland: Double Tap” was the perfect way to bring back a classic. Enjoy every side this movie gives from its humor to its family aspect.