Creativity died so social media could live


I don’t know about you, but I am one of the most uncreative people I know. It’s hard for me to come up with cute party ideas, costume ideas for Halloween or even DIY projects to decorate my house. So, I depend on Pinterest and Google to find me the best ideas for my projects.
But with all these tools that social media has given us to make our creative ideas a little easier, have we lost our inspiration to come up with our own creative ideas? I think yes.
According to Hootsuite, 250 million people use Pinterest every month. That’s more than 250 million ideas that Pinterest gives to people instead of people coming up with their own ideas. And while I am completely for using Pinterest to inspire your ideas, I don’t think you should be completely dependent on it.
You may be thinking, “Why not?” Well first, you could have this amazing expectation in your head but then it ends up not being what you wanted at all. I’ve seen this occur so many times, like with Pinterest fails. And I know from personal experience, you feel embarrassed when your initial project idea doesn’t reach your expectations.
Second, while you did put in the effort, it wasn’t your idea. Maybe you take credit for the idea, but it still wasn’t really yours. You just typed in something on Google or Pinterest and hoped there would be something you were looking for.
So, what should we do to let our creative juices flow again? Stop searching and start thinking. Think about how you can be creative and bring something new to life.
This process will take longer than just using Google to find something similar to what you imagined in your head. It may take some time, but you’ll be more confident in yourself and you’ll be proud of yourself for coming up with the idea on your own.
Maybe you depended on Pinterest and Google to make your dorm room decorations. Or maybe you stole ideas for your drinking party games.
Whatever you used these websites for, stop relying on them and start relying on yourself. You are capable of anything you put your mind to. If you think long enough on an idea that is formulating in your brain, you’ll eventually reach the full potential of what it could be.