4 dating apps to help spice up your love life

4 dating apps to help spice up your love life

ULM Hawkeye

Nightlife is an app that helps making going out easy. You can use Nightlife to help find the best happy hours, drink specials, concerts and events. This will help bring the pressure off you and your partner to find something to do. Nightlife can help you connect with local events you may have never known of on your own. It also has a group chat feature that can help you stay connected with your friends, partner and people you meet at the bar.



If you are headed out of town on a date night, don’t worry Skorch has you covered. For big cities like Atlanta, New Orleans and Charleston, Skorch can help you find where the hottest locations are to go with its interactive heat map. It will show you what restaurants and bars are buzzing that night. You can also view what other people prefer on their night out and what their favorite restaurant is. This can help you know where to go if you are unfamiliar with the city.




OpenTable can help you reserve a table at whatever restaurant you are going to. All you have to do is pick a day, time and restaurant to see what they have available. This app also helps by figuring out what kind of reservation it is for. It will ask questions like “Is this for a date, group of friends or are you flying solo?”, “How much are you looking to spend?” and “What are you craving?” You can also look at what other people said about the restaurant.



If you end up having too much fun at the end of your date night, give Uber a go. Uber helps those who are intoxicated get home safely. The prices of the Uber are placed on your phone’s screen before you even get in the vehicle. It normally only takes a few minutes for an Uber driver to pick you up from your destination. So, leave the car and let you and your partner drift the night away with no worries of getting in a car accident or being pulled over while intoxicated.