Wigs, makeup: Miss(ter) Pageant


Nishma Gautam, [email protected]

Bryce Lovelady never misses the chance to brighten his fellow Warhawks’ day. He understands that everyone needs a break from the stress of college life and that is why he decided to compete in this year’s Miss(ter) Pageant this past Tuesday.
“It gave me time not to be stressed and it also gave me the opportunity to help college students take a break and get some laughs because they are stressed all the time,” said Lovelady, a sophomore communications major.
Every year, ULM’s Campus Activities Board organizes the fun-filled event, Miss(ter) Pageant where male students dressed in women’s clothing participate in a “traditional” beauty pageant that isn’t so traditional after all.
First, each contestant presents themselves to the audience with a hilarious name. Then, in the interview section the contestants are asked random questions and are expected to come up with answers on the spot. However, unlike normal beauty pageants where their answers are judged based on intelligence, the Miss(ter) Pageant answers are judged based on humor. There is also an evening wear and talent round.
Hollis Walker, who came in first place, danced and rapped while the runner-up, Kevin Dietrich, danced to “Umbrella” by Rihanna.
Dietrich was nervous to perform at first, but once he began dancing it came as second nature to him.
“I thought it was important to me because I wasn’t doing it for the money or anything, but I was doing it for Children’s Miracle Network Hospital Dance Marathon and all my winnings will be 100% donated to that particular organization,” Dietrich said.
Dietrich also said he was encouraged by Joel Sinclair, a coordinator of Student Life and Leadership, and other CAB members to participate in this out of the ordinary event. But with prize money on the line, he knew he needed a better cause to donate it to and that’s how he chose CMNHDM.