Students show creativity at Halloween Ball


Despite the rain and cold, students busted out their moves at the Halloween Ball. Anyone could hear the music booming in Bayou Pointe on Wednesday. This event was hosted by the Student Government Association.
They provided food, drinks, music and even glow sticks to glam the event up. But it turned out the students did not need the glow sticks as they did the glamming up themselves when they began to show up in their creative costumes.
Creativity was Delayhia Stipe’s game as she dressed up as Twiddle Dee from Alice in Wonderland. Stipe, a SGA representative for the College of Pharmacy, said that she believes Halloween Ball is a way for students to have fun and relieve ourselves from school stress. This is her first full year on SGA and also the first Halloween Ball she has attended. She also said that this event provided an outlet for students to showcase their creativity.
Jack Sparrow, or in this case, Aswin Timalsina, said this was his first Halloween Ball and he had a blast. At first, he was conflicted on whether to attend but his friend encouraged him to come. He said at the Halloween Ball he learned a lot about American culture.
“For me as an international student, I am not used to Halloween but this event has made me exposed to the American culture,” Timalsina said. “I would encourage other international students to participate in these kinds of events because how else can you learn about where you are if you do not immerse yourself in the culture?”
Others also got creative with their costumes. Azaria Revels, a junior mass communication major, was dressed as Audrey Hepburn while Megan Thomas, a sophomore accounting major, was dressed as a cheetah. They said that this was their first Halloween Ball and that they had heard good reviews about the event which encouraged them to attend it this year.
“I was in CAB last year, so I was not able to attend these events due to my busy schedule, but things are different this year and I could come and just participate in the event,” Revels said.
Thomas said she had never heard of SGA’s Halloween Ball, but that she felt SGA and CAB helped promoted the event better this year.
According to Stipe, CAB also helped with the event. Campus Activities Board volunteered at the check-in table and gave directions as to where things were and how to get to certain parts of the events.
Nishma Gautam, a member of the Campus Activities Board, said “We are trying to help SGA as much as we can, we have shifts organized to help make the event a success. I think this event is an effective way to help students forget studies for a while and indulge in something fun.”
Unlike others, she had attended this event last year. She said she thought the timing for this event this year helped increase the turnout since it was held at night when students did not have classes.