Students prepare for future with Career Center’s event


The mission of the ULM Career Center is to serve as the primary resource for professional development for students in career and experimental learning related services, programs and counseling.
In honor of National Career Development Day, the Career Center acted on its mission by hosting an informational event Wednesday for students to learn how to accelerate their careers while still in college.
Students came to the Student Union Building to gain knowledge of the appropriate steps to make a successful impression when applying for a job and possibly developing a career in their field.
Three associates from the Career Center organized and worked the event. They set up informational booths across the SUB where students could approach Career Center workers and learn about different career-related topics.
One booth was headed by the Career Center director, Kristen Chandler. She instructed students on how to build an impressive resume. Her simple advice was to be specific and in depth.
“If you say you’re organized, be very detailed as to how organized you are. Make the hirer create an image by your description,” Chandler said.
Then, Chandler gave each visitor an employment skill sheet to keep track of all duties and responsibilities they have experience with.
Colm Bourke, the ULM career coach, instructed a booth where he told students about how to write a professional summary by using effective wording which gives the employer an indication of what you could offer the company through your unique skills.
He also said he advised that students should express compassion and sensitivity toward people. In the workplace, an empathetic leadership style can make everyone feel like a team which can increase productiveness, morale and loyalty.
“Empathy can gain respect,” Bourke said.
Chandler said she hoped that students would take the information given at the event and reflect on their own skills and better them.
The purpose of this event was to prepare students with tips about career readiness, resume building, job resources, template alternatives and professionalism skills.
All the workers at the ULM Career Center are willing to help students who need guidance in planning their futures.