Farewell to our president, great leader


ULM Hawkeye

Recently, President Nick Bruno announced his retirement and is expecting to leave by June. After being at ULM for over a decade, president Bruno is preparing his goodbyes.

We at the Hawkeye have one thing to say— Thank you for everything you have done for our university. You have brought the university more victories than defeats. You continuously strived for ULM to stand out among all other schools in Louisiana and even the nation.

Some of these victories include ULM Online being the best in the country, building the new medical school and making ULM’s nursing program one of the top schools in the nation. Without your hard work and dedication to this university, we wouldn’t have as much as we do.

And while many have been upset over the years for things like Bayou Pointe and the University of Louisiana fight with ULL, you have always strived to provide the best for the students, faculty and staff of this university.

You will be missed by so many at this university, but we all wish you the best on your next endeavors. You have created something to be proud of — a true legacy.

Your smile and warm personality will always be cherished in the hearts of these students. You are leaving this university better than you found it.

You really did make ULM the best on the bayou.