Exercise or extra fries?


If you made the resolution to get fit this year, here are some things you should know:

Create your own routine

Do what works best for you. Do not assume that someone else’s exercise routine is perfect for you. If you like their routine, make it more personalized to exercises you are able to do and enjoy doing.

Go light on your weights

Don’t be ashamed of starting with weights that people would consider light.  Use weights that are enough for you to continue a two to three minute workout set without over stressing your muscles. Increase it as you become stronger. Switching between cardio and weight-lifting leads to better endurance while building muscles and keeping them toned.

Schedule to go to the gym every day

If you are the type to procrastinate or like to get things done early, go to the gym in the morning. If you have a busy schedule, go in the afternoon or at night. Plan to go to the gym everyday so when something comes up and you can’t go you already have those days that you did go. Another way to stay on track is trying not to miss your workout two days in a row.

Make exercise a lifestyle

Continue even when you feel like you messed up. If you don’t go to the gym for a week, you don’t have to stop the progress you made. If you struggle to find motivation, workout with a friend, family member or partner. Ask  them to check-up on your progress. The main reason why people stop their resolution is because they look at it as a one-time thing. 

Make exercising a lifestyle even when you reach your ideal body-weight. Because if you look at it as a quick fix, you will continue a cycle of breaking your resolution.