Budget-friendly foods for broke students


What happens when your refund check is almost gone, your swipes dwindle or you use the last of your flex? Don’t worry, that’s when you resort to budget-friendly meals. It gets expensive rushing from class-to-class just grabbing a bite to eat on campus. Honestly, a drink at Starbucks is almost $5 and a Chick-Fil-A meal is around $9.

“I make my coffee at home so that I’m not spending a ton of money on Starbucks, and I bring my chips and snacks to school,” said Alisha Lirette, a sophomore pre-nursing student.

Living on campus and getting  inexpensive, easy meals is not as hard as you may think. Check out our Neighborhood Walmart. It’s right off the campus. You can get Quaker rice cakes, granola bars and Great Value oatmeal  for a healthy and delicious breakfast. At the cost of about $12, this meal is perfect for the on-the-go student. Get as creative as possible.

“Get panini bread and mozzarella at Walmart, then get a pizza sauce cup from Johnny’s. You got pizza!” said Rodney Pardue, a marketing major.

Don’t count the SUB out. Einstein’s Bros Bagels is affordable when you keep it simple. Their classic bagel costs $1.15 while the gourmet is $1.80.

Even if you don’t struggle, these meals are great for any student trying to save money. Once the semester comes close to an end, remember these tips.