Ignore haters on holiday of love


Brace yourselves people—the Valentine’s Day haters are coming this week.

Who are these people you may ask? They’re the people who say a variety of things to try to bring down the wonderful holiday of love. These people need to be ignored. Continue to enjoy your chocolates and roses.

Valentine’s Day protesters say things like “Valentine’s Day is stupid,” or “It’s a capitalist holiday made to take your money.” My favorite is when they try to make you feel guilty for buying roses and chocolates for your significant other and ask you why you can’t do that any other day.

To these people I say shut up. Mind your business. Let me and everyone else trying to enjoy ourselves be happy.

If you’re in love and have someone special in your life, why shouldn’t you shower them with extra affection on Feb. 14? It’s a tradition, let’s keep it going.

The only people I see complaining about another person’s happiness tend to be lacking some themselves.

To those who say it’s a capitalist holiday, yeah, it is. Christmas is too, but I don’t see any of you protesting Santa Claus.

So what if I’m spending $30 on some roses that’ll be on sale for $5 the next morning? Some people aren’t big on romance so this might be the one time of the year where they give it a shot.

But single people might feel excluded from the day’s festivities. Maybe that’s why they’re in a bad mood. Fear not you single guys and girls, this holiday is still for you.

Valentine’s Day isn’t exclusively for love of the romantic kind. It can also include friendships and family.

If you don’t have a romantic partner, throw some extra love toward your friends and family. It’s always nice to receive gifts and compliments.

In fact, according to a study conducted by YouGov, men tend to like receiving compliments more than women. I for one love compliments. If you see me out and about on Feb. 14 just keep them coming. I’ll take them all.

On Valentine’s Day you’ll run into two types of people. Some will be chill and mind their business while others will criticize you just for participating in the festivities.

You got some extra chocolates? Take those with you. They’ll come in handy when someone throws an insult your way.

When somebody comments on how those chocolates were probably unnecessarily expensive, just offer them one. Nobody’s going to reject free chocolate. And then they’ll feel bad for trying to insult you.

If Valentine’s Day still isn’t your thing that’s cool. Please just don’t ruin the holiday for other people. Instead, find a way to be included in the festivities.

Nowadays the holiday has become more inclusive to all types of people in different situations. In the end what the day is about is love. Let’s spread love not hate.