Places to go for Valentine’s date


ULM Hawkeye

Run out of ideas for you and your Valentine’s date? Here are the best romantic places to spend your Valentine’s with your loved one.

Biedenharn Museum:

Biedenharn Museum of Arts—this museum holds many invaluable antique pieces of art from the 1920s. It is a 1913 mansion belonging to a man who worked at the first Coca-Cola bottling company. It is a thoughtful place to bring your loved one. You can spend quality time together while admiring their beautiful garden and conservatory.

Directions to Biedenharn Musuem

Cinemark Movie Theaters:

Tinseltown is another great idea for a romantic night out with your significant other. It is located in West Monroe. It is a mega cinema and as a result of its size, you get to pick from a variety of movie choices. If you are looking for a smaller scale of a movie night out, the Cinemark at the Pecanland Mall is another great idea. Its location presents you with lots of accompanying food options from the food court.

Directions to Pecanland Mall

Directions to Tinsletown

Black Bayou Lake:

Black Bayou Lake—this is a spot to spend time with your loved one while immersed in nature. It makes for a fulfilling date. It also increases the quality of the time spent together. Black Bayou provides a beautiful front of nature that inspires people to want to bond with each other. The lake also encourages healthy and knowledgeable discussions about the environment, if you’re looking to impress your partner.

Directions to Black Bayou

Southern Escape Room:

Most people would choose a serene scene for their dream Valentine’s date, but not everyone likes the sound of their own voices. Southern Escape Room, sometimes grouped as a Halloween sensation, is a brilliant choice of a date venue for Valentine’s. It will fill your Valentine’s memory for this year with excitement and thrill.

Directions to Southern Escape

Kiroli Park:

Finally, the Kiroli Park is located in West Monroe. It is only $1 per person. This park has breathtaking scenes that would make for cute picture sets. The park itself is well-kept and well-organized in a way that you will be able to spend time with your loved ones with little or no disturbance at all.

Directions to Kiroli Park