We should have voted for Bloomberg


Super Tuesday is behind us and the future of the country is just as unknown as before. It brings a question to my mind—Why didn’t America vote for Mike Bloomberg?

After poor polling, Bloomberg decided that it was in the best interest of the country to drop out of the race and support the new front runner, former vice president, Joe Biden.

Now it’s practically a two-man battle in the Democratic race, but there is still uncertainty about who will win the nomination and if they can beat President Trump. The one person that could have certainly done both was  Bloomberg.

As one of the last candidates to enter the race, he had just recently been able to appear in national debates and arguably performed poorly in those debates. But Bloomberg had plenty of money, bipartisan support and the right agenda to not only win the Democratic nomination but also to take President Trump head on in the general election.

When you look around Monroe or watch the local news, you see and hear countless stories about poor education, high crime and poverty rates and an unstable economy. The place we all call home here at ULM is one of thousands of cities around the nation that need improvement. No one in the presidential race had more experience in those fields than Bloomberg, which made him the perfect candidate.

Bloomberg was elected mayor of New York right after 9/11. Most people could not even imagine inheriting such a mess, but Mayor Bloomberg used it as the start to a new age of progression in the city. According to his campaign website, as mayor he revamped the school system, lowered crime and incarceration rates, created 400,000 new jobs and gave over 700,000 citizens health care coverage. He planned to implicate similar policies and results on a national level.

Despite these accomplishments, there was heavy opposition against Bloomberg. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren attacked him for being a registered Republican in the past. However, Warren herself was registered as a Republican before, and Sanders is not even running as a Democrat but as an Independent on the Democrat ticket.

The overwhelming wealth of the former mayor was also hot topic for other candidates to hypocritically lash out at. But the International Business Times reports that all the remaining candidates in the race are millionaires themselves. 

The most intriguing thing about Bloomberg was and still is the fight he brings out in President Trump. The president has recently attacked the former mayor over his policies. After announcing the suspension of his campaign, Trump still attacked him over tweets, struggling to establish his dominance over the former candidate one last time.

Trump was scared of Bloomberg because he knew he could have lost to the former mayor. There’s no better way to defeat a New York billionaire than with another New York billionaire that has experience managing the biggest city in America.