Wendy’s breakfast menu dominates


“Quality is our recipe.” That’s the slogan Wendy’s is honoring with their new breakfast menu.

The new breakfast menu consists of nine sandwiches, coffee, iced Frosty-ccino and new sides like potato wedges. After getting recommendations from the cashiers who pointed to their favorites, we tried five different items.

Sausage, egg and swiss croissant: Let’s begin with the sausage, egg and swiss croissant. The first look at this sandwich was not appealing as the mayo-looking sauce oozed out of it. Biting into this sandwich was a shock. The sauce turned out to be a creamy swiss that tasted like a piece of heaven. The sausage was juicy with a slight crisp, the egg was cooked just right and the swiss tastes like a delicate gooey bite which still lingers in my mouth.

Breakfast Baconator:

Then, we have breakfast baconator. It is a breakfast version of the baconator. It’s enormous, juicy and meaty. It has sausage, bacon, cheese, egg and it is topped off with a swiss sauce. This sandwich is top of the line and has a savory but succulent taste. The juicy Applewood bacon adds a luxurious appeal to the breakfast sandwich.

Honey butter chicken biscuit:

Next, the honey butter chicken biscuit was moist and delicious. The blend of honey, along with the juicy chicken breast, made the biscuit melt in my mouth. Tasting the flaky buttermilk biscuit made the sandwich easily enjoyable. If you love honey and chicken, this biscuit is the sandwich for you.

Vanilla Frost-ccino:

Also, the vanilla Frosty-ccino is a cold brew coffee mixed with a frosty vanilla shake. This drink is not recommended unless you are a fan of a bitter, creamy and cold drink. The vanilla frosty begins to act as more of a half and half once it melts.

Seasoned potatoes:

Lastly, the seasoned potatoes are like potato wedges sprinkled with bagel seasoning, sesame seeds and poppy seeds which make for an incredibly flavorful and crispy side to add to your meal.

Wendy’s breakfast is a delight. They didn’t just deliver, they annihilated the competition. Ultimately, Wendy’s breakfast is worth waking up for, and if you are a little low on cash, don’t worry. Download Wendy’s app to get many deals like a small Frosty-ccino is just $1, receive $2 off any breakfast combo and one honey butter biscuit is free with the purchase of any item.