Coronavirus could change fashion industry trends


As most schools and businesses reopen, the need to change your wardrobe increases. No more spending the entire day in old sweat pants and tank tops. However, the fashion industry will not bounce back to previous trends like an elastic ball.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, people have had to work from home while wearing their most casual outfits. This shift will cause such an irrevocable change in acceptable fashion trends. After the pandemic is over, people may still maintain their semi-casual dressing.

According to the Washington Post, working-class America has gradually been moving away from the stiff, formal trend of blazers and ties for a long time. Fashion analysts predict there will be more athletic and casual wears at the workplace after the pandemic is resolved.

The pandemic also caused a major hit on fashion consumers’ pockets. Since the stay-at-home mandate, more and more people have been laid off from their jobs because employers could not afford to keep them. This hit will reflect heavily on their fashion.

The Edited, in response to the effects of the pandemic on the style of consumers, wrote that the change will lead to a shift in the direction of minimalism. Shoppers in retail stores may prefer to buy sustainable and affordable outfits rather than the flashy and expensive counterparts.

In response to quarantine weight gain, there will be another shift in fashion trends to wear the weight better for those that are not looking to lose it. People will start wearing more designs with smaller prints, wrap dresses and other stretchy materials. It will also be obvious in the workplace as they will wear more column style outfits. For casual outings, people may stick to body-skimming outfits to accentuate their favorite features.

Another side effect of the pandemic is the mandatory wearing of masks. Even though face-coverings are now considered outlets to express oneself through colors and designs, it remains undeniable that face-covering takes away from our interactions with people. It obscures half of people’s faces so we cannot fully see their reactions or smiles.

People attuned to fashion have attempted to balance this out with eye makeup. The eyes are called the windows to the soul as they are believed to accurately expose our true emotions. Trends has moved to emphasize eye accessories like eyeshadows, eyeliners and false lashes to accentuate our smize (smiling eyes) in place of lip makeup.