New hobbies to hone during coronavirus


Let’s go back to when you were stuck at home during the quarantine. You probably spent most of your days scrolling through Tik Tok, watching movies or munching on your favorite snacks.

Yet, snacking and scrolling can only last so long. According to the Washington Post, many people experienced “quarantine fatigue” after six weeks of staying at home.

While the “quarantine fatigue” affected citizens, for some individuals COVID-19 has taught valuable life lessons.

The quarantine-15 grabbed its victims’ bellies like Chase Evans. When asked what he learned from the pandemic, the junior biology major said, “A gym membership can be expensive, but walking up the library stairs with a mask on is free.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, many people learned new skills like how to cut your hair or how to draw during the pandemic quarantine.

Zoe Madeline, a sophomore pre-speech and pathology major, said she learned how to paint and crochet.

“It gave me a peace of mind while everything around me seemed to be falling apart,” Madeline said.

Madeline also became comfortable speaking with online crocheters and painters. Many people taught her techniques on how to crochet.

Using those skills she learned, Madeline gave blankets to nursing home residents. She instantly became friends with those in the nursing home. She eventually lost “her introverted shell.”

“Talking to older generations helped me find confidence within myself. I’ve never been able to hold a conversation for more than 5 minutes, but now I can approach people freely and just start talking,” Madeline said. “All it took was picking up a new hobby and going somewhere with it.”

While Madeline stuck with her endeavors, Brailyn Russo struggled to finish projects. Russo said she first started working on a dream catcher. But making a wreath seemed even better.

Eventually, decorating her new apartment and unpacking became the top priority. According to Russo, there are still boxes under her bed.

“Because you start one project and then another project looks more appealing so you start that one and you just get so exhausted and won’t finish unless you get in the artsy mood,” the sophomore psychology major said.

No matter how you spent your quarantine, learning a new skill can help discover who you are.