Labor day: More than a break for students


Students often look forward to that day at the beginning of the fall semester where they get a day off school and relax or catch up with family.

Fall break is not until far into the semester and Thanksgiving does not come around until the very end. Labor day holiday provides the much-needed escape for students away from the bombardment of college responsibilities.

However, the purpose of the holiday is not to give people a break from life but to honor the workers that have labored to make this country what it currently is. Labor Day is a day set aside to honor the labor movement and appreciate its achievements. These achievements include normalized benefits like insurance, paid vacations, having the weekends off and social security.

Labor Day is a federal celebrated on the first monday in September in both America and Canada.

Dr. Leigh Hersey, an assistant professor of political science, who is an advocate for active civil engagement, explained the need to respect this holiday.

She explained the heightened significance of Labor Day this year because of all the front-line and essential workers who have continued to work during the pandemic.

“It is also important to consider the linemen and recovery workers who have responded to our needs after Hurricane Laura hit the state. Even the students and volunteers that continue to help laborers clean up after the storm,” Dr. Hersey said.

Chiemeka Onyemechara, a junior prepharmacy major, appreciates the holiday although it is new to her.

Onyemechara said that even though labor day was not celebrated while she was growing up, she recognizes the importance of the holiday because both her parents worked in their career field for the majority of their lives.

“There are many ways students can show their appreciation and gratitude towards our everyday, hardworking citizens. Students could volunteer to help out around their communities through organizations like Rotaract. They could also volunteer in different departments of the university to show their appreciation for the work that is being done,” Onyemechara said.

Dr. Hersey also emphasized the importance of international workers because they have been crucial in building this country.