Phase 3 has little effect on ULM


It’s official, we’ve moved into Phase 3. But, what exactly does that mean for us here at ULM? Not a lot.

Things are mostly staying the same. However, there have been a few rule changes.

Classrooms are now able to have 75% capacity where possible. Some events in certain buildings can have higher attendance now.

In Bayou Pointe, there was a 50-person maximum during Phase 2, but now they are allowing 250 people as long as they can maintain six feet of distance.

Stadiums are only allowed to operate at 25% capacity, and will only be selling 25% of the stadium tickets.

Masks are required while entering the stadium and in high-traffic areas of the stadium like restrooms and aisles in the stands. There will be no tailgating permitted.

According to Shane Dykes, the environmental, health and safety officer, just because classrooms are allowed 75% capacity does not mean that all other buildings are. The capacity for each place on campus depends on the building’s use.

And, most classes still won’t allow 75% capacity, because they won’t be able to contain that many students while still keeping everyone at least six feet apart.

Masks and social distancing are still required everywhere on campus.

Anyone who test positive for the virus is still required to report their case to the Counseling Center, and anyone who’s been in contact with an infected individual must quarantine for two weeks.

According to Governor John Bel Edwards, we will likely stay in Phase 3 until there’s a widely-available vaccine.

He also said that it’s possible we could have a spike in cases because of schools reopening, Labor Day and Hurricane Laura. If that happens, we may have to go back to Phase 2.