Students must try harder to improve Zoom performance


Getting dressed and going to class has been replaced by the new normal of pajamas and staying in bed. And with such a dramatic shift comes problems of focus and attendance during Zoom lectures. In modern times, skipping is as easy as a few clicks to the mute and video buttons, and it’s a severe problem.

According to Inside Higher Ed, our brain waves synchronize in conversation. As students, we thrive with interactive classrooms that involve two-way communication, peer discussion and everything that comes with them—bouncing ideas off each other, sharing confused looks, meeting study-buddies, and so much more that keeps learning interesting.

With Zoom, all of this is lost. The Daily Dot describes Zoom as an “authoritarian meeting,” where the professor spends an hour or so talking constantly with the student stuck staring at a screen.

Despite all these challenges, improving the monotony and hardships of Zoom classes can be combatted with a little effort from us students.

Before Zoom, get dressed. I know that it may be hard, but dressing the part makes a complete difference. Refinery 29 says that getting dressed can improve productivity, optimism and motivation. So, throw on a nice shirt, run a brush through your hair, put on some Chapstick and get busy.

You need fuel to keep concentrated, whether it be coffee or food. According to Harvard MS, what you fuel your body with has a direct impact on how your brain is structured and how it functions. Therefore, make sure to eat before Zoom so your brain can concentrate.

Stay engaged in discussions. If you are confused with what is happening, or your professor asks a question expecting an answer, don’t be afraid to speak up.

Next time you get ready to Zoom, remember these steps to stay attentive to the information being given. Remember that your grades are counting on you, and that this situation we are in is only temporary.