School of Construction Management receives $250,000 grant


Since 2014, ULM’s School of Construction Management has received over $750,000 in grants from the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors and Contractor’s Educational Trust Fund. Another $250,000 was added to that amount on Sept. 24.

 The grant, presented to the ULM Foundation, is one of the most generous ever received by the

School of Construction Management. President Ronald Berry said the board’s donations have been vital to the development and success of the school.

“The improvements to our facilities and classrooms would not have been possible without the contractors’ leadership and support,” Berry said. “Their commitment and support has made a huge difference for our construction management program.”

All of these grants go toward program development, facilities and equipment. According to Vic Weston, a representative of the board, the LSLBC/CETF puts a lot of money into the construction management program because the students they’re helping are going to determine what the future looks like.

“What Ed Brayton sends us upon graduation is where we are going. It has improved the industry so much,” Weston said. “We keep reinforcing and working with universities.”

The money they put into the program comes back to them in the form of highly-skilled and well-trained constructors. And having the newest, best equipment possible ensures this success.

Kameron Miller, a construction management student, believes this grant is important for students’ futures.

“In the ever-changing industry of construction, the grant will be so helpful because it will enable us to update our resources and equipment, providing us with the best opportunity to prepare for our future careers,” Miller said. 

The investment in construction management students’ education benefits not only the students and their future employers, but all of ULM.

President Berry said that several improvements to our campus would not have been possible without the constructors’ insight.

“Contractors told us they wanted a world class construction graduate. To help us meet their needs, they have invested in our program for many years,” Berry said. “In addition to their financial support, we thank them for their encouragement which has inspired us all to do more.”