Louisiana 2020 election results


While we’re still waiting on results for the presidential election, the results for local and state elections have already come in. Louisiana voted on seven amendments, a proposition, a senator, six representatives and a member of the public service commission.

Five of the seven amendments were passed. The ones that didn’t pass were “Remove State Spending Method,” and “Allow Property Tax Exemption.”

There was also an election for the U.S. Senate, which Republican BIll Cassidy won. His strongest opponent was Democrat Adrian Perkins but Cassidy still won with 53% of the vote compared to Perkins’ 19%.

Representatives for all six congressional districts were chosen as well. Steve Scalise won district 1, Cedric Richmond won district 2, Clay Higgins won district 3, Mike Johnson won district 4 and Garret Graves won district 6. 

District 5 was the only one with an open seat. The election resulted with Luke Letlow in first place and there will now be a runoff election between him and Lance Harris to replace Ralph Abraham.

All representatives that were elected to the other five districts are incumbents. This means they’ve already held the positions they were elected to for at least one term. There were no new representatives elected and no runoffs.

There was a race for a spot on the district 5 public service commission and Foster Campbell was elected to that position. 

Also on the ballot was a proposition to either allow or ban sports betting in each parish. The law in each parish will be different depending on how its people voted. According to WAFB, 56 out of 64 parishes voted “yes,” for sports betting to be legal, including Ouachita parish.