Is OnlyFans a suitable platform to make money?


Calli Sinclair and Mitchell Raley


Most of us have heard of it. Some of us may even have one. Whether or not you’re someone who frequents the website OnlyFans, is a great way to make money—Whether it be some extra cash on the side or a way of helping yourself become financially stable.

There are people who have made careers out of OnlyFans. Monica Huldt, a Swedish OnlyFans content creator, has earned a six-figure salary by only charging her supporters $6.50 a month to view her content. Whether it’s celebrities, models or just average people looking to make extra cash, OnlyFans has helped millions of content creators become more financially stable, especially in these difficult times.

OnlyFans is not only a safer method of sex work, but it also promotes self-love and empowerment. By creating content on OnlyFans, the individual is taking sex work into their own hands and using it to their advantage. They get to choose what and when to upload.

However, sites like Pornhub have been guilty of endorsing sex trafficking and other forms of abuse. According to PR Newswire, a petition to shut down Pornhub has gained over one million signatures.

The petition was started by trafficking expert, Laila Mickelwait. The petition is based on evidence of numerous alleged cases of videos of child rape, child trafficking, adult trafficking, abuse and exploitation monetized on Pornhub. Over 300 anti-trafficking, child protection and women’s rights organizations have endorsed the campaign against the porn site.

BBC published a story about Rose Kalemba who was sexually abused for hours, only for the videos of her torture to be uploaded and monetized on Pornhub. Begging the website to remove the videos for six months, Pornhub never complied until Kalemba posed as a lawyer, and threatened legal action.

Therefore, if we want to discuss ethical content, OnlyFans is entirely more ethical than other websites that host sexual content. Unlike Pornhub, OnlyFans does not endorse or benefit from sex trafficking and the suffering of victims.

By leaving it in the hands of the individual, OnlyFans is helping empower people who create explicit content, giving them the options of what to create and how often to create as well as how much they wish to charge their supporters. OnlyFans is shining a new light on sex work.


I do not have a qualm with the sex work industry or adult entertainment. But OnlyFans isn’t a good method of making money and shouldn’t be as popular as it is.

The founder has an untrustworthy past and although the site has created an opportunity for people to make an amazing living off of the oldest profession, unfortunately, it has also created invasive problems for their content creators.

The site’s expeditious growth has captured the interest of celebrities. For obvious reasons, celebrity interest is a golden ticket for the business to pull more traffic, but this has a negative downfall. The traffic celebrities bring to the site is for them, not for the content creators.

The site now includes the likes of Cardi B, Tyler Posey, Sonja Morgan, Aaron Carter, Shea Coulee and Bella Thorne. The issue lies not in the celebrities themselves, but the influence and gravitational pull they have.

Thorne released her OnlyFans on Aug. 19, 2020. According to Variety, she was the quickest to reach $1 million within 24 hours. Since then, she has made over $2 million in revenue though the site.

The OnlyFans parent company is Fenix International Limited which is located in London. In October of 2018, Leonid Radvinsky purchased FIL for an undisclosed amount.

Radvinsky is well-known throughout the adult entertainment industry due to his most successful business, MyFreeCam, which is surrounded by controversy and has cost him thousands of dollars.

The OnlyFans owner’s deceitful past yells “beware.”

Putting aside the shady business practice reveals more unscrupulous controversies surrounding Leonid Radvinsky.

According to Motherboard, many videos and images from OnlyFans and adult entertainment industry were anonymously released in February. Claims were made that videos and images were stolen from the OnlyFans website and being sold through other adult sites.

OnlyFans tweeted disputing the claim they had been hacked, saying they “found no evidence of any breach of our systems.”

Overall, the site is just suspicious. If you can’t be certain that your privacy is going to be protected, there’s no good reason to use it.

It seems that their priority is profit, not the users and creators.