State’s overall ACT score decreases, ULM’s increases


The ACT is one of the most important factors to getting into college.

Every year, high school students take the test in an effort to get the highest score they can.

Higher scores generally mean bigger scholarships and a likelier chance of getting into the school you want.

This year, ULM students excelled and the university’s average ACT score went up from 22.1 in 2019 to 22.3 in 2020.

This may not seem like a huge jump or a big accomplishment. However, the average ACT score for the entire state went down from 19.3 to 18.7 in that time.

So despite the state decreasing in ACT performance, ULM increased.

Alberto Ruiz, president of academic affairs, said that ULM is now offering higher scholarship packages dependent on ACT scores, which has motivated high school students to do well on the test.

He also said the recruitment staff is doing a great job this year and has been successful in not only increasing enrollment, but in attracting “some of the brightest” high school students from Louisiana and surrounding states.

One possible reason for the state’s decrease in score is the pandemic, which resulted in cancelled tests last semester.

Ruiz said that despite the obstacles, “High school students made some good strides during the difficult times.”

But he also said that changes must be made to avoid falling scores like this in the future.

“This is a trend that should be alarming to the state,” Ruiz said. “We must be able to find strategies and avenues to increase the scores to prepare our students in this ever changing world and society which we live in today.”

He said the freshmen this year have found ways to succeed even during a time like this and expects they will continue to do so.

“ULM is preparing our students for success in their futures,” Ruiz said. “Brighter days are ahead for them.”