Celebrating Thanksgiving during COVID-19

A global pandemic and the holiday season are not exactly a perfect match. COVID-19 has already taken so many things away this year, but our holiday fun does not have to be one of them. Here are some fantastic examples of holiday events that you can do safely during this Thanksgiving.

1 Virtual Dinner

Whether you are still at home with immediate family or living in a dorm room unable to travel home, you can still celebrate the holiday with your entire family through a virtual video call. This way, you are still able to feel connected with loved ones, all while keeping yourself and others safe. During the call, you all can get your version of Thanksgiving dinner whether that be takeout or a home-cooked meal. During the dinner, everyone can go around and say things they are thankful for to lighten up this dark year and stick to some traditions.

2 Family Photos

Your family can create a festive dress code for the holidays. Have everyone join a Zoom video call, and take a picture of everyone in the little squares. This photo can be printed out and even sent out as a family holiday card. It may seem a little different right now but in years to come, everyone will laugh at the fact the family looked like The Brady Bunch.

3 Games

What is Thanksgiving without some fun? Your friends and family can all connect to a video call and you can have some games ready to play.

For example, you can play Pictionary and have everyone yell out their guesses or type them in the comment section. You can also have a scavenger hunt. Make a list of home items and whoever can run to find that item and get back to the screen the fastest will get that point. You can mail out prizes to the winners.

4 Live Cooking Session

Have all your friends and family join a video call. Everyone can either choose the same food or dessert to cook, or just cook whatever they have and enjoy company while doing it. For most families, cooking pies or roasting turkey is a big tradition. Video calls are a great way to keep in touch and to keep holiday traditions alive.