How to bounce back into routine after the holidays


Early to bed, early to rise.

During the holidays, many students developed the sleeping pattern of an owl. Now, unless you managed to schedule all afternoon classes, you are faced with the difficult task of waking up early for school. The trick is and always has been to go to bed early, and you’ll wake up early.

As the semester is just starting, try to go to bed as early as possible every night so your body can get as much rest as it needs. You will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on another day of higher education.

Take advantage of this beginning phase so that as the semester progresses and you start having to pull late nights or even all-nighters, your system will be accustomed to waking up early in the morning for classes.


Get a planner.

Using a planner is paramount for every college student returning from the holidays. Not only does this help you remember your tasks and responsibilities for the day, but it also helps you manage your time and maximize your productivity.

Whether it is a digital or physical planner, a book, sticky notes or even a planning board. Use whichever is affordable for you and will keep you accountable. Doing this will help you remember your classes, tests, assignments, extracurricular activities and other non-school related engagements.


Study ahead.

Studying ahead of your classes is as important as actually attending the classes. The semester is just beginning and will get more stressful as it goes. This is the right time to work ahead. Start your semester on the right foot while things are still somewhat slow, by working hard to get better grades now.

Do your schoolwork and projects ahead of time so you don’t get caught in a bind and end up rushing them. Studying ahead of class also helps students understand the material better. Since you have seen it before, it will be familiar and easier to remember. Go through your course work and class material for the day before you go to the class.


Keep in touch with your professors and fellow students.

Do not be an island. Talk to some of your classmates and communicate with your professors. This is important so that you can keep afloat in your classes. If there is anything you missed in your class, they will let you know, and you will be up to date on the projects and assignments.

It is also a great way to form study groups and make friends. Keeping in touch with your professors also makes it easier for you to reach out to them and ask any questions you may have regarding the course.


Remain calm.

Remember to keep your head above the water. If drinking coffee is the way you maintain your sanity, by all means, have your fill. If you are more interested in outdoor activities, then take advantage of the kayaks at Wesley. You can also visit any of the many parks around Monroe. Do whatever you can to keep your head about you and not get too overwhelmed as we delve back into schoolwork this semester.