Julia Letlow to run for Congress


Julia Letlow, the executive assistant to the president for External Affairs and Community Outreach at ULM, will be running for Louisiana’s 5th congressional district seat.

She announced her candidacy on Jan. 14 during an interview at KWCL-FM radio station in Oak Grove.

The 5th congressional district seat was previously won by her husband, Luke Letlow, before his death from COVID-19 on Dec. 29.

In a statement released Thursday, Letlow said, “I am running to continue the mission Luke started—to stand up for our Christian values, to fight for our rural agricultural communities and to deliver real results to move our state forward.”    Meagan Morris, the assistant director of Student Life and Leadership, said she will be voting for Letlow.

“I admire Dr. Letlow for her strength, accomplishment, grace and leadership,” Morris said. “My own professional goals have been influenced by her achievements and this run for Congress only solidifies my belief in her.”

Morris also said that Letlow’s run will influence ULM in a positive way.

“I believe she will be a champion for higher education in our state, especially in our area for our institution,” Morris said.

Monica Whitman, a student at the College of Pharmacy, said that she voted for Luke Letlow and she plans to vote for Julia Letlow come March 20.

“She’s a great leader on campus,” Whitman said. “Just a very kind, smart and down to earth person.  I think that’s why she’ll be a good congresswoman.”

“Everything in my life and my marriage has prepared me for this moment,” Letlow said. “My motivation is the passion Luke and I both shared: to better this region that we called home and to leave it a better place for our children and future generations.”