Nostalgic tunes to soothe your homesickness


The sensation as the smooth chocolate from your mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies melts in your mouth as you take a bite of it may be just one of the many things you miss now that school is back in session. Or maybe you miss talking to your dad about what is happening during the pandemic and all the political issues arising in the country. Whatever the case, here are some songs to help you overcome homesickness or anxiety you may have during this semester:

1.”Nobody Knows” by the Lumineers

The Lumineers are known for their folk-rock music. The song “Nobody Knows” discusses the significance of realizing the importance of your goals, where you are going and how this realization will help you carry on when you miss someone. The love you feel for that person, and vice versa, will go on no matter where you go. It wants the listener to realize that, as you travel on, you will always have your person leading you even if they are not there. “Nobody Knows” is a slower beat song with melodic voices and tones. But the song provides beautiful moments for you to cry peacefully, as you long for home.

2. “Home” by Michael Bublé

If you want a tear-jerking song, check out Michael Bublé’s “Home.” This jazzy melancholy song describes the desperation to be back home with your family. Michael Bublé’s song explains to its listeners that it is okay to not feel great all the time. He makes the feeling of being homesick a normal experience everyone has. Being home with your family is a treasure that Bublé conveys to his audience. Sometimes, listening to a song that relates to your emotions can bring the joy you desperately desire. That is what Bublé’s song does.

3. “Starlight” by M.A.S 0094

This song is for all the creatives out there. When you listen to this K-Pop song, you may want to research the lyrics. This dream-like song shares the beautiful idea of thoughtfulness and tender care. The singer mentions that he is praying and singing for the person that may be hurting. The singer wants the loved one to know that everything will be alright. As you fall asleep, you can imagine your loved ones singing this song over you to create a peaceful environment.

4. “Hawa Huree” by The Abhaya and the Steam Engines

For those who are looking for something more upbeat, you should check out “Hawa Huree.” The Abhaya and the Steam Engines are a well known music band in the Nepali music industry. This song will motivate you while reminding you of why you are away from your family and friends. “Hawa Huree” shares the importance of seeing the present rather than focusing on the past. Instead of recalling times with your family, inspire yourself to proceed with the education you are pursuing to better yourself and your family’s lives.