Students can reserve study rooms for privacy on campus


It’s Tuesday, your busiest Zoom schedule. You wake up, pull your laptop out after it’s charged all night, and immediately notice your Wi-Fi is down.

You try fixing it every way you know how, but to no avail.

Moments like these can be stressful but ULM’s administration has created private spaces to prevent students from being unable to participate or attend their Zoom meetings.

According to Judy Fellows, the associate vice president for Academic Affairs, resources like individual study rooms show the commitment of ULM’s administration to the students.

“We are a student-centered university. It’s important for students to understand the university’s commitment to student success and to keep them moving forward to graduation, achieving their goal of graduating from the university and contributing to the greater good of the world,” Fellows said.

The vice president of Information Services and Student Success, Michael Camille, said finding a private space to work is a struggle for many students.

There are many students who have been doing Zoom sessions in their car because they don’t have time to travel and their car is the best private setting they can find.

Camille said that President Berry and the administration created a plan for available spaces in different buildings so students could do their Zoom meetings in private.

To register for one of these individual study rooms you can go to ULM’s main COVID-19 site which lists other resources available to students.

Depending on your location the administration will pick a space for you.

There are roughly 20 rooms around campus available for students in buildings like the library, Hemphill Hall, Walker Hall, Sugar Hall and Sandel Hall.

“When we find  students who take some business classes in Hemphill and they need some study space, the first thing I want to do is check with the dean and see if they can accommodate them,” Camille said. “Because it would be easier for them to take a few steps down the hall.”

Plus, the request form is a one time event. Once you’ve reserved that spot, you have it for the entire semester.

London Gregory, a freshman pre-nursing major, said she has her scheduled room every Tuesday.

“I like using the private room a lot because it’s quiet, and there are wipes available to clean down the desk and everything,” Gregory said.