NAACP teaches importance of voting


The presidential election is over, but that doesn’t mean all elections are over. That’s what the NAACP wants students to understand.

“Voting gives us the chance to make a positive impact that can help our community, state and even the nation for the greater good,” Kearra Odums said.

Odums, a nursing major and member of the NAACP, said that voting gives you the chance to stand up for the issues you care about and by not voting you’re giving up your voice.

There are upcoming municipal elections for local government and a special congressional primary, both on April 24. The special congressional elections are to elect U.S. representatives for District 2 and 5. There are primaries for both elections on March 20.

The NAACP shared an Instagram post outlining the reasons to vote. They said it’s a chance to elect leaders who represent you and your ideas, and to choose how your tax dollars are spent.

“Most people pay taxes, but don’t know what the money is used for,” Odums said.

Adewumi Ariwajoye, the NAACP Political Action Committee head, stressed how important it is for people to vote in their local elections for judges, city councils, police chiefs, mayors and marshals. 

“The people we put in office represent us and what we hope to see for our community, state and country,” Ariwajoye said. “I feel that minorities hold power when it comes to voting, but this isn’t the end of my bringing awareness about voting.”

The NAACP encouraged everyone to register to vote and shared this QR code that will take you to the Louisiana registration site.