Refund checks arriving late for some students


After a couple weeks of being back in school, most students get their refund checks. But some are not so lucky. Shannitra Minnieweather is one of these students.

According to Minnieweather, she has not received her refund check and was told by the Office of Financial Aid that she would not receive her refund until March. 

Unfortunately, this put the sophomore psychology major in a bind to pay for textbooks and school materials.

“I missed a few assignments because my temporary access codes expired and I still hadn’t received my refund,” Minnieweather said. “I had to wait until the weekend when I got paid to buy my books and access codes.” 

Erica Hopko, an associate director of customer service, said there can be multiple reasons why students have not received their refund check. 

Hopko said it could depend on if you have completed all requirements, if you are not enrolled in the proper number of hours or are taking eight week courses, and if you do not have your method of receiving the refund set up. 

But, Hopko said over 4,000 students should have received their refund during the first two weeks of classes. 

Hopko recommended contacting anyone in the Financial Aid office because they would be happy to assist those who haven’t received their refund check yet.

“If we are not the appropriate department, we will guide them in the direction to get the answers they need,” Hopko said. “We do ask that they keep updated on what we send out, look at Banner for updates, check and read their emails frequently and contact us with any questions.”