Key to student retention is getting involved


ULM Hawkeye

When you think about it, it seems absurd that anyone would call college the best years of his or her life. Most of us know college as bleary eyed, all night cramming sessions, time measured out in coffee spoons and learning to live with a complete stranger. Perhaps it is not the “college” experience people savor, but those they spend it with.

They recall the texture of it all, the small details that coat their everyday experience. College is about a good friend who is just as delirious as you are at 3:30 a.m. the night before a test, rejuvenating a staff meeting with a fresh pot of coffee or finding out that the girl on “her half” of the room has the same weird taste in music you do. It is in unity that we survive.

Many of us have the tendency to withdraw when we are unsure of something. A new year at college gives us ample opportunity to do so. However, it also gives us opportunities to get involved. So many organizations on campus are waiting for your arrival; if you don’t look into them, you’re cheating yourself

You chose this university for a reason. Through campus life we taste the poignant spirit of the school. So go knocking, pick up a flyer, dare to strike out of your comfort zone. Start building the kind of campus life you can one day look back on in reverie.