Mental health should be prioritized over schoolwork


You’re drowning in assignments. You’ve barely slept. You’re mentally exhausted, but must keep going. Getting a good grade is more important than your mental health—or that might be what it feels like. 

Because of their busy schedules, college students often prioritize schoolwork over their mental health. 

Many students feel the only way to get through college is to over exhaust themselves until the point of burnout.

 According of Healthline, burnout is a state of mental and physical exhaustion that can zap the joy out of your career, friendships and family interactions.

Though this may seem like the best way to get through college, poor mental health can cause physical health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity, according to the Mental Health Foundation. 

If a student doesn’t prioritize their mental health, they could develop a life-threatening illness before establishing a successful career, which defeats the purpose of overworking.

In a world where we are told that hard work pays off, it is no surprise that students often ignore their emotional well-being to get ahead. 

The reality is mental health should be prioritized over schoolwork. However, it is much easier said than done. 

Knowing how to identify signs of negative mental health is the first step to improving it. 

An easy way to take charge of your mental health is to have a consistent schedule. 

Having a schedule helps your body know what to expect. It also helps identify when you’re falling out of your routine, which is a sign of declining mental health. 

Another COVID-19 friendly way to keep your mental health on track is to go outside. 

It may seem impossible to have time to go outside, but a quick walk can drastically improve your mood. Even if you do not have time for a walk, you can complete some assignments outside. 

Finding a way to balance work and personal time is tough. However, it is an important part of keeping up with your mental health. 

School is temporary. Mental health is forever. Prioritize your mental health because it never goes away.