Warhawks: ‘Walking Dead’ should rot


Zombie fever ate up the mid-2000s with pounds of gore and squeamish audiences. 

In 2010, “The Walking Dead” fused drama and horror with complex characters, excellent zombie makeup effects and satisfied our obsession with living in a zombie apocalypse.

Based on Robert Kirkman’s comics, the show has two spinoff series, video games and mobile games. 

Ten years and seasons strong, many fans have since left the show. 

Has “The Walking Dead” dragged on for too long—an immortal zombie refusing to die?

AMC Networks announced six new episodes for season 10, the first of which aired on Sunday, Feb. 28. An 11th season was confirmed and is now in production. 

Is it time we ax this show in the head?

Caitlyn Cullen, sophomore political science major, left after season six in 2015-2016. 

Cullen is one of many who believe the show’s spark has died. She also mentions the death of a beloved character back in season four.

“I think it should have ended after [season] four,” said Cullen. “Glenn died, then everything got extremely stagnant and somewhat repetitive.”

Adam Craig, a public administration major, agrees with Cullen.

“The show is dried up and should have died with Glenn,” Craig said.

Cullen addresses how the characters repeat a now-cliché cycle: arrive at a civilization, conquer it, meet a new enemy and destroy them.

Laurin Turner, a junior communication major, shares Cullen’s views and stopped watching after season seven. Her favorite characters left and she became generally unimpressed.

“It became very repetitive and boring,” Turner said. “I honestly thought they ended the series already. I think they should’ve wrapped up around season eight.”

The most beloved characters—Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Michonne, and Glenn—either died or were written out for a spinoff. 

Meanwhile fan favorites like Carol, Daryl and Maggie Greene remain.

Not all hope is lost, however. “The Walking Dead” carries a vast fanbase eagerly awaiting every Sunday night. 

Fans chew their nails hoping their favorite characters survive each season. 

Gabby Ballew, a junior communication major, loves the show and anticipates the next big battle against new enemies.

“I want all these bad people to go away,” Ballew said. “I want to see the family reunited as one.”

This means that, even among the people that get visibly excited when they hear the Walking Dead theme song, there are others that are completely desesitized to it or frankly annoyed by the never-ending show.