Editors’ pick: International tunes to listen to


Cameron’s Pick

 “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve is a song by a British band that I thoroughly enjoy. This song holds a lot of memories and takes me back every time I hear it.

Chole’s Pick

I would recomend ATEEZ’s new KPOP album. It has pop, rap and even jazz. I like it because I am able to connect with the music itself and give it my own meaning. 

Loryn’s Pick

I like “Libres” by Joaco Teres. I really like this particular song because it makes me feel like I’m on a sunny beach.

Kaitlin’s Pick

My favorite genre of music is rock while my favorite era of music is the ’80s. So it’s no surprise I love the Japanese rock band, Buck-Tick. Listen to my favorite song by them called “Kiss Me Goodbye.”