Warhawks get their ‘Daily’ dose of ‘Harvest’ goodness

As we march into “March Health Month,” trying healthy options in Monroe isn’t easy. 

Unfortunately, Monroe mostly consists of fried chicken or other greasy foods. 

Luckily, Daily Harvest gives delicious options without all that grease.

The restaurant’s four and a half reviews on Google reviews raises the expectations of its customers and Daily Harvest delivers.

With various options including sandwiches and wraps, burgers and healthy bowls, salads and baked sweets, there are plenty of choices for everyone. 

Plus, Daily Harvest offers a different range from Mediterranean, spicy, vegetarian and keto-friendly.

This is a destination restaurant for people still actively looking to lose the holiday weight.

Like the name, the restaurant prepares their food with fresh ingredients straight from the farm.

Choosing the Mediterranean Chicken Wrap was the best decision. This wrap consists of grilled chicken, spinach, goat cheese, dried tomatoes, jalapeños, mozzarella cheese and onion dressing. With every bite, you will get some of that cheesy goodness. While the onion dressing is subtle, without it, this wrap would not reach its full potential.

Their prices are relatively cheap. Most sandwiches and wraps are roughly $8. Daily Harvest’s salads, burgers and bowls are around $10-11. Considering how much food you are getting, these prices are good.

For dessert, you have to grab one of their homemade cookies. Each shape of the cookies looks different and awkward, but it will be one of the best cookies you have ever had. You will be going for seconds on the desserts.

If you need food to store in your dorm or house, Daily Harvest’s to-go casseroles, soups and gumbo are always an option.

They have three options for sizes on casseroles which can help with portion sizes. The casseroles range in prices from $7-$21. 

Daily Harvest has a cheesy chicken spaghetti, a lasagna, a chicken and cheese enchilada and a chicken Alfredo.

For their to-go soups, they have the choices of turkey chili, broccoli and cheese, chicken enchilada and potato. 

The prices vary from $8-$14 depending on if you get a pint or a quart.

Daily Harvest is open Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

They are located on 1105 Forsythe Avenue, only 12 minutes from campus. So you can pop in to grab a healthy lunch between classes.

Join the “March to Health” by eating healthy with Daily Harvest. You will not get tired of all the options they offer.