2021 Grammys fails to impress


Interesting, but disappointing. That’s the best way to describe the 2021 Grammys. 

This year, the Grammys’ viewership was the lowest it has ever been with it falling 51% below average, according to Billboard.

One of the highlights from the Grammys was Beyoncé’s four Grammy awards which broke the record for most Grammy wins by a female artist. In one night she surpassed Alison Krauss’s 27 Grammy awards by bringing hers up to 2.

Beyoncé’s win was an empowering moment that inspired women to pursue their dreams and break the glass ceiling. Maybe one day Beyoncé can beat Georg Solti, who holds the record of 31 Grammys.

Another memorable moment was Megan Thee Stallion’s dress. Her stunning bright orange dress fit her beautifully. Her shocked look as she won Best New Artist was unforgettable. She remained shocked as she stood on the stage to give her speech. You could see how grateful she was for a monumental award. Stallion took home three Grammys that night.

One of the best performances of the night was HAIM. While it was a simplistic set-up for the band, the execution was excellent. Danielle Haim, one of the sisters in the band, grabbed your attention by switching from drums to guitar while singing. For those looking for something other than rap, this is a performance to watch again.

While there were entertaining performances like Cardi B’s “WAP,”others like DaBaby’s “ROCKSTAR” did not hit the bar. DaBaby sounded awful compared to the recorded version. 

While there was diversity in music performed, it felt overrun by rap. Having a couple of performances from each music genre would have provided a more well-rounded group of performers. This could have brought the Grammys ratings up.

Another disappointing feature of the Grammys was Billie Eilish’s Record of the Year win. Instead of accepting her Grammy and appreciating her talents, she praised Stallion and said she deserved the award more than her. 

Stallion created enjoyable music this year, but Eilish’s was just as deserving. She needs to find confidence in herself and her music. Eilish’s music is relatable to her audience which is why she won this award.

In parts, the award show was entertaining but seemed to fail to bring in an audience who enjoyed it overall.