Warhawks share ways to spend spring break

While outside on a beautiful day, it occurred to me how people don’t take time to relax on campus. Many might not know how to relax in what seems like such little time between classes.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many students’ way of life. Two of the biggest changes people had to make was how they gathered and traveled. A year later, students are still struggling with how to decompress and have fun on their days off.

Kaelyn Randall, a freshman psychology major, suggested some fun ways to destress while also being COVID-safe. 

“Some good ideas would be to take a nap, read a book, go on a picnic or spend time with your family,” Randall said.

Spending time with friends and family has proven to be common stress-relievers. Depending on what you do in that time, it can be easy to comply with pandemic guidelines.

Randall also suggested outdoor activities. Being outside is shown to improve mental health and encourage your body to relax. 

Sydney David, a senior toxicology major, weighed in on what she would be doing during spring break to relax from the stress of school work.

“I’m going to be going home. I’ll probably tan, get my nails done, eat some Easter candy and prep for the last few weeks of my classes,” David said.

David also stated that going for a hike would be a great, COVID-friendly way to tackle break.

Though this year’s spring break is a lot different than usual, that doesn’t mean it should be any less rewarding. Spring break follows a week of midterms, and students should take advantage of the short break from school. 

Spring break comes at a time where a lot of college students begin to feel burnt out. After being in rigorous classes, it is natural for your body to demand a short break. With the weather warming up, your brain and body want to soak up vitamin D and fresh air. 

Matthew Lantz, a freshman criminal justice major, gives ideas on-campus students can do to take breaks. He states that kayaking is one of his favorite things to do at ULM. 

“Kayaking with friends is always a nice break from my school work,” Lantz said. “I love to spend time on the water, in the sun.”

Whether your spring break is spent on-campus, at home or traveling to see family, it is important to give your body a break. 

Although the pandemic is not yet over, there are still many ways to soak up the sun and have fun.