Anime ‘attacks’ real youth issues


“Attack on Titan” is an anime about a group of teenagers living inside cities surrounded by three gigantic walls that save the last of humanity from human-like giants called Titans who devour humans. The walls had kept humanity safe from Titans for about 100 years. But one day, the wall was breached by the Colossal Titan. This breach let all the Titans inside. Lots of people die, including the mother of Eren Yeager, the protagonist. 

This show is a Shonen anime, this type of anime are targeted toward teens and young adults. The show, “Attack on Titan,” reflects the struggle adolescents face mentally, academically and socially.

The show follows Eren as he joins the military and vows to kill all the Titans he can find. Some humans that survive the attack join him to fight against the Titans and preserve humanity.

The story quickly develops into a bleak world with humanity struggling to fight the unfolding of truth while navigating the unexpected twists and turns. Every episode will keep you on a hook in this well-written story about the crude, the dark and the scary side of survival.

The series has breathtaking graphics with every character, scene and sequence being carefully detailed. The action is exhilarating and the fluid camera-work makes you feel like you are at the center of it. 

The soundtrack is truly magnificent as well. It takes you into the innocence of the powerless, the madness of the mighty invaders, the sadness of horror and the rage for vengeance. 

This show is good because it lacks the usual tropes of anime. First-time viewers do not have to worry about being familiar with Japanese culture or anime in general. 

It is set in what looks like medieval Europe and is a well-thought review of our humanity and history. It’s not just survival or heroes defeating villains. Be prepared to exercise your brain to grasp the complicated events in the series. 

The unique characters are also a selling point of this anime. Eren Yeager’s character development is one of the best in all of Shonen anime.

I leave you with the quote from Eren. “The people who push themselves into hell see a different hell from the rest of us. They also see something beyond that hell. Maybe it’s hope. Maybe it’s yet another hell. The only people who do know are the ones who keep moving forward.”