Alpha Kappa Alpha partners with nonprofit to donate shoes


We’ve all got that pair of shoes we haven’t worn in forever but haven’t thrown away. They just take up space in your closet. But there’s a nonproft called Soles4Souls that wants to use them to help others.

Alpha Kappa Alpha is partnering with Soles4Soles in a donation drive to give away your used or unwanted shoes. 

Jordan Jones, Theta Zeta chapter president, said Alpha Kappa Alpha targets several issues on both a local and global scale. They specifically engage in partnerships that provide assistance to underserved international populations of people of color. 

Within this demographic, Soles4Souls is a major partner. For National Global Impact Day on April 9, Alpha Kappa Alpha thought this donation drive would be a great opportunity to give back. So they set up donation boxes around campus.

Soles4Souls helps provide relief to those affected by natural disasters and homelessness. Their slogan, “turning shoes and clothing into opportunity,” is exactly what they do.

They help women in undeveloped countries to sell shoes to help provide for their families. A sale of one pair of shoes can help a woman entrepreneur, in countries like Haiti and Honduras, provide five meals for her family. 

By donating your unwanted shoes, you give Soles4Souls the opportunity to continue providing relief and empowering people to break the cycle of poverty. Instead of these shoes going to a landfill, they are transported all over the world to help give people a feeling of stability and comfort. 

Because of the pandemic, Theta Zeta was not able to collect shoes last year. And they pledged to donate shoes to Soles4Souls as soon as they got the chance. 

Now, they’re fulfilling their promise and encouraging others to join the effort. This nonprofit is heavily dependent on donations.